FACINEO is an International B to B consulting company operating in Asia.

The UN and the IMF recently reaffirmed that India will be the fastest growing major economy in 2018. Developing into an open-market economy, India is definetly going through exciting times.

According to the World Bank, Myanmar (Burma) is also expected to grow 7% this year. One of the last frontiers in Asia, the large and plentiful country has recently opened up to foreign investment in new ways and offer great potential as well...

Asia is undoubtedly a "Land of Opportunities" !

FACINEO support international companies by accelerating their growth and establishing their footprints into these key emerging and challenging Asian markets which are India and Myanmar.

Founded in early 2018, we are specialist provider of integrated business development services and project management solutions to support SME’s international and sustainable business expansion in South and South East Asia.

We are based in France with local setups in India and Myanmar.

The company is made up of a multi-disciplined team of specialists, with extensive international experience and expertise and whom have held various senior management positions within multinational organizations.

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